About Us

We are God’s people, empowered by the sacraments to become a servant community.  We remember our diverse heritage, embrace our Christian discipleship, and seek a lifelong spiritual growth by following the gospel of Christ.  May Saints Francis and Clare guide our efforts to build God’s kingdom in our midst.

Office:  1290 Hornberger Ave., Roebling, NJ 08554

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Phone: 609-499-0161

Email: sfncpo@gmail.com

Rev. Joseph Hlubik, Pastor
Rev. Daison Areepparampil, Parochial Vicar
Gary Richardson, Deacon
Ronald Schwoebel, Deacon
Thomas Shea, Deacon
Lawrence Finn, Deacon (Ret.)
Ronald Zalegowski, Deacon (Ret.)

Office Staff
Larry Denney, Business Manager
Peggy Schwoebel, Office Manager
Robert Scara, Music Director